Riley’s Run Dog Park Logo Design


Riley's Run




Illustration / CorelDRAW

Riley's Run

Hand drawn logo design for the Bartlett Park District's dog park

Project Overview

When the village of Bartlett, IL built Riley’s Run, its first ever dog park, they reached out to me to design a logo and other promotional materials to create buzz and spread the word. They wanted a mark that was fun, easy to identify, and could be shown in a variety of ways. It needed to be flexible enough to use in print, on screen, and on signage at the park. After a handful of sketches, the dog was starting to take shape, and was refined into the primary logo you see below. To provide variety and flexibility for future use, front and side views were drawn as well. To help promote the opening of the Riley’s Run, the logo was featured in the design of a sign as well as part of a t-shirt design with its “Where dogs and people come for fun” slogan.

BPD Riley's Run Dog Park Logo Design
BPD Riley's Run Dog Park Wooden Sign
BPD Riley's Run Dog Park Vertical Banner Design
BPD Riley's Run Dog Park Outdoor Sign

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