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Project Overview

Bridlewood Consulting is an award winning communications and telecom consulting firm out of Bloomington, Indiana.  For years, they have worked with Fortune 1000 companies to reduce telecom costs and simplify management.  As you might expect, their focus is on delivering results for their clients, so their website suffered.  I was brought in to design and build a new site that was simple, effectively communicated their mission, and visually represented the quality and integrity of their services.  I created a geometric design structure, with organized sections and consistent borders, built on top of a 13 color CSS gradient background inspired by the Northern Lights to add visual interest and subtle color changes as you scroll down the page.  The site is fully responsive, and has been optimized for view on desktops, laptops, phones, and everything in between.

Project Highlights

Fixed Navigation Menu

To ensure users could access the navigation from anywhere on the site, I created a fixed menu bar that is always visible at the top of the screen. I also adjusted the layout of the menu on mobile devices so that all items are accessible without needing the typical hamburger button and pop up menu. This makes for a better user experience and cuts down on unnecessary extra clicks as you move from page to page.

Bridlewood Consulting fixed navigation menu

Responsive Testimonial Carousel

I created an animated testimonial carousel to smoothly click or swipe though each of the testimonials. This provides scalability for the future, allowing Bridlewood Consulting to add testimonials on their own without fear of breaking the layout. All data is pulled it from a custom post type I built in the admin area. To top it all off, the slider carousel is fully responsive and works just as smoothly on a phone as it does a desktop computer.

Bridlewood Consulting responsive testimonial carousel

Custom Blog Posts

Bridlewood Consulting had a collection of old blog posts they wanted to integrate to the new site build. To keep the editing experience familiar to them, I enabled the WordPress classic editor, and pulled in the content into our custom designed post template. ACF fields provide additional functionality, to enable additional photos as well as a download link button. All content is conditional, so it's only displayed when necessary.

Bridlewood Consulting custom blog posts with classic editor
Bridlewood Consulting website design on iMac computer
Bridlewood Consulting website design on laptop
Bridlewood Consulting responsive website design

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