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Custom Shopify online store design and development

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Project Overview

After working with the Spittake Merch team to develop their logo and some initial shirt designs, I wanted to do everything I could to help bring their online store to life. Building upon previous experience working with Shopify, it seemed like a perfect fit. I started with the minimalist Dawn theme, and then utilized CSS and customized a few Liquid templates to add unique visual touches and additional functionality. In the end, I was able to create a bold storefront representative of the Spittake Merch brand without straying too far from the page structure that users have become accustomed to. For Spittake Merch, the website has provided a platform to easily track sales and manage orders, and offers integration with Facebook and Instagram that will surely help business grow.

Project Highlights

Facebook Shop Integration

One benefit of using the Shopify e-commerce platform is that it's very easy to integrate the online store with a Facebook account. In a matter of minutes, Spittake Merch can sync their product catalog with their Facebook page, allowing visitors on Facebook to buy their products without having to leave Facebook. It's the perfect way to drive traffic to Spittake Merch products without having to pay for additional advertising.

Shopify Facebook Store Integration

Custom Checkout Screen Design

Shopify has become ubiquitous in recent years. This is a huge benefit as even casual shoppers are familiar with the user experience and checkout flow of a Shopify store. This leads to higher conversions, but at the risk of a generic look and feel. To avoid this, I designed a custom checkout screen. From the eye-catching Spittake Merch colors to the logo pattern in the header, shoppers will never forget where they're shopping.

Custom Shopify Checkout Screen Design

Custom Product Mockups

Flat isolated product photos are the standard, and for good reason. They provide a clear image of the product without any distractions. So while I included them on individual product pages, I wanted to create custom product mockup images to really sell the designs. With a black background and dramatic shadows, the edge of the images fade into the background, and the garment and design really pop off the screen.

Custom product mockups
Spittake Merch Online Store Design
Spittake Merch Online Store Design on Laptops
Spittake Merch Online Store Responsive Design

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