Clays Shoot HTML Email Design






HTML / CSS / Photoshop


Annual HTML Email design for Clays Shoot & BBQ Dinner, hand coded for use in Mailchimp

Project Overview

Special events call for special digital marketing. For their annual Clays Shoot and BBQ Dinner, PP&CO asked me to create something completely different than their email newsletter that goes out to their mailing list each month. Over the years I’ve explored a variety of styles. For the 8th annual event, I did a western theme that took design cues from vintage signage, with weathered colors and textures to match. Subsequent years have taken a more modern approach, highlighting the BBQ and grilling aspect of the event. But regardless of the style, each design was built around a clear content structure, ensuring that invitees could quickly identify the event information and know where to go to RSVP. Since the HTML email was image driven, I didn’t have to worry about display issues among email clients as much as we usually do. But I made sure all images had proper ALT tags to convey the message as a backup plan. And because the design started off the design as a full size high resolution file, I was able to create a version that PP&CO could use for printed promotional pieces as well.

2022 PP&CO Clays Shoot HTML Email Design
2021 PP&CO Clays Shoot HTML Email Design
2019 PP&CO Clays Shoot HTML Email Design
2018 PP&CO Clays Shoot HTML Email Design
2017 PP&CO Clays Shoot HTML Email Design

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