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Akene Consulting

Illustrated infographic targeting cannabis companies

Project Overview

The cannabis industry is booming. With laws passing throughout the country legalizing it, there are new businesses created every day trying to take advantage of this opportunity. With that in mind, Akene Consulting was created. They offer guidance to these businesses, helping them navigate through the compliance and financial hurdles that often plague entrepreneurs.

Akene came to me in need of a one-page infographic to help illustrate what they have to offer businesses in the cannabis industry. I was given a list of questions that a company entering this space would be likely to consider. To visualize this, we went with a series of characters, each with a thought bubble. At a glance, all of the questions might be overwhelming, creating a higher level of concern as you go through each question. That was the feeling we were going for, leading you down to the call to action and contact information. Akene doesn’t want to scare businesses away from the cannabis industry, but rather help them excel, ensuring they are compliant and protected financially.

Akene Cannabis Consulting Poster Design
Akene Cannabis Consulting Infographic Closeup

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