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Project Overview

Conor Green was formed to invest capital and resources to develop tribal cannabis projects from idea through construction and into operations. Being in an emerging space like this means starting from scratch, which provides an amazing opportunity to create an identity, look and feel without having to worry about what was done in the past. Conor Green wanted a streamlined site, as speed to market was critical. I used Oxygen Builder to create custom page templates and stylesheets, and Advanced Custom Fields to create custom post types and fields to manage their news posts. This provides CG with the future flexibility to expand the site functionality, without any unnecessary bloat. Personality was added to the homepage design with bold use of shades of green, including both tribal and cannabis related background imagery.

Project Highlights

99 Pagespeed Insights Score

Speed matters. Yes, Google loves fast websites for their page ranking algorithm, but human visitors do too. Every piece of this website was optimized to ensure viewers don't have to wait to load the site. This includes the file size of images, scripts and stylesheets, and properly configuring a caching solution. The result is a site that loads in the blink of an eye, as shown by the 99 score in Google's Pagespeed Insights.

Conor Green Google Pagespeed Performance

Modal Contact Form

Sure, I could have just created a page to hold the contact form. But by doing that, visitors are required to leave the page they’re currently viewing. It takes time, which could reduce the likelihood of the form submission. By setting up the form in a modal that appears when users click the Contact button, it's instantly available on all pages of the website. And better than that, it allows Conor Green to keep track of what page users are on when submitting the form.

Conor Green Modal Contact Form Design

Custom News Page Post Layout

In the tribal cannabis space, there are big events that Conor Green needs to be able to highlight. To give them a way to do that without having to touch any code or alter the design of the page, I built a custom layout for their News page posts. All they need to do is enter in the simple text, link, and image they want to feature, and the site automatically creates the post design. It's a quick, easy, and foolproof process.

Conor Green Custom News Blog Post Layout Design
Conor Green Tribal Cannabis Website Design Desktop & Laptop
Conor Green Responsive Website Design on iPad and iPhone

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